Sometimes no matter what you say or do your interlocutor will insist that you are wrong. Wrong, wrong and wrong again. No matter. You know what I mean. You, You! YOU!!! You are wrong. Get over it buddy, get used to it, you are wrong about everything. Everything you think is wrong. Everything you believe is wrong. Everything you do is wrong. Think about it! Everything you will ever do, even possibly can do in your wildest imagination, will be … WRONG!

I put on my Darwin Award and head out to a Halloween party. It is the little badge of failure that Wendy Northcutt, author of The Darwin Awards gave me for my failure with the Earth Ark Project. That was an effort to save all the plant and viral species and other such things that can have their DNA frozen and sent to the top of Antarctica. But it was a failure because it is illegal to send living organisms to that continent. It is being preserved in its pristine state.

Without the plants of the world, all the animals that live off plant life are doomed to more than dying, to go extinct, and all the things that live higher up the food chain are doomed to go extinct too; that means … humanity is doomed. And I failed to prevent it.

So, I put on my Darwin Award and off I go to the party where death is eulogized.