Clockwork Purple, Oct 23, 2017

The Art of Living Out Loud

by Meg Blackburn Losey

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Falling on our knees

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Falling on our knees is always a poor choice of action. It implies a loss of control of our body and what could be worse than that? In the physical sense of the word, it means losing the ability to maintain an upright posture and letting gravity control one’s body and bring it to the ground. That could mean a possible injury, and thus falling on our knees is a poor choice.

Falling on our knees before a sovereign potentate like a King, a Sultan, or a Mafia boss is a statement of submission to their authority. That means a complete giving up on control of one’s own body and future behavior to that other person’s will, no matter what that future will or action might be. Your controlling person might be a Hitler, a Stalin, a Trump or a Saint Cyril. There is no way of telling what you might be required to believe or the actions you might be required to do. The word demanded to do seems like too strong and harsh a word, but in practice, it is too weak, because in fact if you don’t do as you are told you will be punished. Plain and simple, if you fall on your knees before a potentate you are agreeing to obey him absolutely and that means you have agreed to — Do as you are told or you will be abused publicly and killed gruesomely.

That sounds horrible enough but it gets worse. If you are born into a culture where those kinds of values are blended into the state religion, you not only lose control of your own behavior you lose control of your eternal soul. That soul may be a speculative being, but if you are subjected to such ideas from infancy by the local gods, wise men and their civil authorities it will be near impossible not to obey and become a true believer and yourself become an enforcer.

Thus, falling on our knees becomes the worst possible thing a sentient being can do. A human being who was given free will to choose their own actions by nature must maintain that free will and maintain it to their last moment of consciousness. If they don’t do that they are only a domesticated being like a dog.  Even the Biblical Old Testament God in the very beginning in the Garden of Eden gave humans free will with the tiniest stipulation that they not question his spin on good and evil. Damn, it sounded pretty good, until that last little detail, because that detail demanded of us our ultimate groveling to an unknowable whim of an unknowable being.

Falling on our knees must be done in such a way that it isn’t implying in any way that we are giving up personal control of our actions. We may go to our knees to scrub up the brown crud on the bathroom floor but we choose to do that action as a necessary behavior of free will and not as an act of submission.

Falling on our knees in submission to another’s will is the ultimate act of violation of our self and thus an infinite act of evil to our own spirit and physical being.