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 A long list of diets from Wikipedia. I also checked the possible 38 Popular Diets Ranked by Health.com experts and copied their list below. I made web links to all of the diets on their list and a few that they didn’t list. Debbie and I have created a slight variation on the intermittent diet where we did a very easy form of intermittent fasting and then once a month increased the challenge slightly. We have each lost about two pounds per month for ten months and are now within a few pounds of what I estimated to be our ideal BMI of 23.4 weight. For me, that was estimated to be 161.75 pounds. So what I am now aiming at is bouncing between 161 and 163 pounds. Two pounds seems to be about what the usual variation is when I weigh myself when I get up in the morning.

When we began this intermittent diet I was eating a serving of tilapia fish about once a week and taking salmon oil capsules. We have been moving slowly over to a vegan diet although I still eat Greek-style yogurt. One of the unexpected effects of our diet plan is that I am never hungry and am usually feeling just a bit full. I have been eating a lot of trail mix made with nuts and cranberries. The list below was created so it would be quicker and easier to compare what we are doing to what the rest of the dieting community is doing.

Best Diets Overall

1. DASH Diet
2. MIND Diet
2. TLC Diet (tie) Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
4. Weight Watchers
4. Mayo Clinic
4. Fertility
4. Mediterranean (tie)
8. Volumetrics (tie)
8. Flexitarian
10. Jenny Craig
11. Biggest Loser
11. Ornish (tie)
13. Vegetarian
13. Traditional Asian (tie)
15. Slim Fast
15. SparkPeople
15. Anti-Inflammatory (tie)
18. HMR Health Management Resources
18. Flat Belly
18. Nutrisystem (tie)
21. Vegan
21. Engine 2
21. South Beach
21. Abs (tie) Abdominal exercise
25. Eco-Atkins
25. Zone
25. Glycemic-Index (tie)
28. Macrobiotic
28. Medifast (tie)
30. Supercharged Hormone
30. Acid Alkaline (tie)
32. Fast
32. Body Reset (tie)
34. Raw food
34. Atkins (tie)
36. Dukan
36. Paleo (tie)
38. Whole 30
Not listed but I checked them out
Weight Management
Intermittent fasting

The big problem with diets is the difficulty with sticking to them for the rest of your life and instead reverting to your previous lifestyle and level of weight.

What I like about my current diet plan is that it is so easy and it works.