Clockwork Purple – October 16, 2017 at Ahonu and Aingeal’s

The Elves of Lilly Hills Farm by Penny Kelly

page 10 by Charles, line 8 by Aingeal

100 tons it will be!

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I have nothing to say about 100 tons of anything. I could think a bit about megatons of TNT like the Russian Tsar Bomba which is very, very, roughly 100 megatons of TNT equivalent. But that can bring nothing other than something that would be very, very ugly. I could write about one hundred midsized cars which weigh about a ton each and make a story set in a parking lot at a high school football game. There are without doubt many exciting things that have happened in that venue, but I don’t feel moved by that idea either.

I could write about how disturbed I am feeling about the emotional state of the world at the moment, and the triumph of the forces of chaos and self-interest based on personal accumulation of money. Those things are being legitimized to the point of the US Congress depriving the enforcement of drug laws so “legal” drug distributors can make more money. That was the report on TV last night.

I am sensitive to that theme at the moment because I just finished reading Colin Campbell’s book Whole, which documents how the top agencies of public good have been wholly subverted by corporate takeover of their leadership. Campbell proves how the bottom line of corporate books, which means their total monetary profit, brings about pushing the limits of legality to achieve maximum profits for those corporations. That sounds almost reasonable until those same corporations, in an effort to make even money, take over all of the lawmaking institutions and rewrite the laws so they can make even more money.

Then to make even more money they fight to remove any lawmakers from office who try to represent the health of the general public rather than their desire to make more money. That was the lead story on 60 Minutes last night. It has become totally crazy to the point of the gun makers controlling the gun laws, and the drug manufacturers and drug distributors controlling the drug laws and the rules of enforcement of the laws.

How much cocaine, or meth, or LSD do you need today? “How about a 100 tons of coke.” Okay, 100 tons it will be!