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The goal is to give you new and meaningful experiences so you may become a more fully developed human being. Each of these events will explore different approaches to what it means to be a complete human being. Everyone is capable of many things which they haven’t done yet, and each of these meetings will choose a theme and safely give opportunities to learn something that will make your life better. For example, instead of just saying good ideas and discussing them we will, in addition, practice the base actions a few times with the goal of creating a personal relationship with how to live with that idea and action.

Here is a generally accepted idea we can hear about, talk about and then physically practice a few times. “Show up, be open to a friendly greeting, pay attention to the situation, think about something relevant to say, do something appropriate, participate in a relevant way with the other person, let it go, give a polite thank you and depart.”

This is far too much to remember to do, so each of the actions would be prompted at a short interval, about ten seconds from one statement to the next. And then each person would move on to another person in counter-rotating inside-outside circles. After about five repetitions of this practice, change the roles of the two circles. This whole thing could be made more fun by having a different small object given to the inner circle for a discussion topic.

Several easy lessons could be learned by this simple routine. How to say hello in a friendly way to different people, how to observe something about the other person’s unusual situation, how to be polite in relating to some strange thing about the other person, how to relate to unexpected things in a flexible way, how to quickly let go of some interesting event and move on, how to politely say goodbye quickly.

That is an example of a kind of social dance, almost like a square dance where routine calls are made and actions are performed by the dancers, but these actions are about relating to personal behaviors.

This same general pattern could be followed of a lecture talking about something, followed by a short discussion of the ideas and then some form of physical practice of the idea. That physical practice takes an abstract idea and makes it into a behavior that is more useful to the development of the person.

We become able to do things by consciously doing them a few times.