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There are so many things happening in the world today that are causing disruptions in our lives that it is difficult to know which ones must be addressed. For example, I did something yesterday that I probably wouldn’t have done a year ago. It is so simple as to seem meaningless and yet it was an obvious change in my behavior that confirms a tipping point has been passed.

I needed some freeze-proof windshield washer fluid for my car because winter will soon be bringing temperatures that may drop well below freezing. I was at Costco shopping with Debbie and thought it would be available in such a huge store, but it wasn’t. They had windshield wiper blades but no wiper fluid. I asked a clerk where I might get some and he suggested an auto supply store a couple of miles away. It was toward my house but it would require a mile of extra city driving to get to it and another mile extra to get back to my house. While driving home we discussed what to do.

I won’t need this stuff for a month, so I will probably drive past that store before it is actually needed. But even if that happens I must remember to go there and remembering some random thing for a month can lead to it being forgotten and not being purchased. So it is better just to endure the expense and time wasted to go get this three-dollar item. But there were frozen groceries in the car and the transaction will take some time, etc., which is times two because we are both going to that store so double the time wasted.

We decided we would check out an online purchase and went straight home and put our frozen items in the frig. Debbie went online and in a minute or so she had purchased the fluid. We have Amazon Prime so there is no shipping charge and chances are the stuff is cheaper online than in the store. I don’t actually need the freeze-proof windshield wiper fluid for a couple of weeks so it’s not being available instantly wasn’t an issue. Between us, we saved a couple of miles of city driving, the convenience of being home sooner, probably paying less for the same item, with free shipping, having the item magically appear at our door, and no worry about having to remember to get this stuff before we need it.

The point of this longish description is that even a year ago we had been using Amazon for several years but I would have hesitated to buy a single cheap item. A tipping point has been passed in my mind and attitude, and I have become willing to shift a trivial worry from my mind to the web.

Will I be quicker to adopt CRISPR, Oculus, bots, Bitcoin and Uber?