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The Science Magazine news reported today there is an ongoing outbreak of pneumonic plague in Madagascar. I followed and charted the Ebola epidemic from its beginning in December 2013 through its last fulminant case in January 2016. There are still cases of Ebola being reported where the virus is in the eyes of survivors of the disease although they are not particularly sick.

This logarithmic chart updates the cases and deaths from the West Africa Ebola outbreak to February 3, 2016, and compares them to major historical wars and epidemics. – Click for bigger image.

CDC Ebola response timeline. Click for a bigger image.

On October 9, 2015 I posted my thoughts on what should be done as, Ebola could be and should be the last epidemic!!! but that method would cost someone money and wouldn’t make any money for anyone so it is impossible for it to have been implemented.

Pneumonic plague is easily transmitted person to person by coughing and a person flying from Madagascar without any symptoms could become sick with it anywhere in the world. If they were to travel to New York and rode the subway thousands would be exposed and a few days later many sick people would be on those trains exposing far more to the disease. It wouldn’t be until that first person went to a hospital that the disease would even be known to have arrived. If that scenario happened during flu season everyone would just think the person who coughed had a cold. However,

Pneumonic plague kills almost everyone who contracts it if they don’t get antibiotics soon.