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Wherever there is a living thing there is an opportunity for kindness. That is an important idea for you to consider implementing because the more opportunities you have for being kind the more stable will become your habit for seeing where a kindness might be done and doing it. Why would you want to use your personal energy to be kind to others when it would seem to be more beneficial to yourself to be kind to yourself? I discussed this a couple of posts ago in Old age isn’t for sissies, or is it? The key to living a long, healthy, happy and productive life is a good relationship with one’s self and that is generated by habits that create those end results.

“Those people who are in the habit of being kind to other people are cultivating the habits of being kind to themselves at the same time.” If you have an abundance of kind actions that you have cultivated for treating other people, animals, insects, plants and even non-living things, then you have also created the habit of doing those same kinds of actions for yourself. The non-living things are included because if you cultivate the habit of treating non-living things well by helping them to perform the functions they were designed to perform, then you generate in yourself those same habits. When you are taking care of your physical things—your car, or house, or shoes—you are not only helping them perform their function better, you are generating the habits necessary for taking care of your physical self better.

When you help any living thing to get through its life better, you simultaneously help develop that habit for taking better care of your own needs in that realm of behavior. Catching a fly in your house and putting it outside helps you to be more aware of your own needs for being in the environment where you can thrive. Here’s a video to illustrate that point. To catch a fly. Save his life and yours too.

In some ways helping the fly through a door is better than helping a human being through a door. The reason is that the fly doesn’t have an economic transaction with you, and your actions are totally altruistic toward him and are satisfying your own human needs for generating habits of being kind to yourself. When you open a door for a human being they will usually thank you for that kind action, which is fine and expected, but their thank you is a form of economic transaction, and that makes your action into a completed action of making human society a little more comfortable for everyone. That is great, but a greater practice for your development of treating yourself kindly is to do that deed in such a way that there is no thank you solicited or expected. You open the door for the other person in such a way that they don’t owe you anything. It takes a little effort at learning but you can get the swing of it such that you benefit the other and cultivate the habit of kindness simultaneously.

Wherever there is a living thing there is an opportunity for kindness.