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A couple of days ago I thought there was a tiny seed caught in my front tooth and thought it would come out in a couple of hours. It didn’t. So a full tooth brushing was in order and a flossing too but the seed didn’t come out. But with totally clean teeth there must be something going on so I carefully poked my tongue around and discovered there wasn’t a seed in my tooth but a hole. I immediately called my dentist and visited their clinic this afternoon. I expected it to be a quick in and out but NO! It turned out the tooth had shattered from the back side and all that remained was the face of the tooth and little else. Fortunately, the root was still alive and the nerve covered so after X-rays and closer inspection we made the decision to put a crown on the tooth.

An upside down view as a dentist sees his patients.

This is how my dentist sees me … and you too.

If you look carefully you can see a tiny blood spot on the gum line. Just above it there is a gap between my big front tooth and the little one beside it. Where that gap is there should have been some tooth material but even worse for me there wasn’t much more tooth behind the face of the tooth either. It hat vanished.

George Burns, a famous comic of the 1930s through 60s, said when he turned a hundred years old, “If I’d known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself.” Well, I’m going to be eighty-two in five days and I am trying to take good care of myself, but sometimes things like this tooth just fall apart. I’m now hoping an eye doesn’t just fall out, or a leg just happens to fall off. They seem to be in great shape at the moment but that tooth looked fine last week.

There hasn’t been a trace of physical pain in this whole event. Except for the money of course, but that is sort of covered by driving an old car and not driving many miles at that. This dental procedure will end up costing about what a set of new tires would cost so maybe we can let that slide for a while. There’s still plenty of rubber but those low-tread depth markers are beginning to show.

We lived and lived and nothing happened. We just did what needed doing.