I have been working on a new book presently titled Love Our Life, and as some of that love concerns our food diet I have been reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas Campbell. That is an excellent book loaded with powerful science and insider information on both the scientific community and the political process on how to get things done. Campbell is a convincing writer telling a profoundly important story of humanity’s medical crisis and what to do to fix it. I am now reading the 2016 edition and had already read the 2006 edition which already had the major suggestions.

My problem and humanity’s problem too is that there are now about 1.6 billion overweight and obese people and two-thirds of Americans are overweight. My problem with that problem is that Campbell’s book gives scientific evidence for exactly what needs to be done to correct obesity and other diseases of affluence and that book is being ignored. Much of the problem comes from the bottom line of business and especially corporate business. Their goal is to make money and to press the legal institutions to their limits to satisfy that goal. The foods that will make the most profit on the monetary bottom line are addictive and unhealthy. It is a replay of the smoking tobacco controversy, but it’s more difficult to define what is unhealthy about food because almost anything that can be digested is healthy in small amounts. Who’s to say liter-size sugar drinks are unhealthy? Let the consumer decide.

Consumer choice is risky enough, but they must include in their decision making the influences of a huge advertising industry supporting extravagant claims for the health of foods that should be consumed in small amounts. The public, which is billions of people, buys millions of tons of promoted stuff that will make them obese and sick. Campbell shows that anything beyond tiny amounts of animal protein bring on the problems of affluence which include obesity and early death. The business world has convinced us that eating the maximum amount of animal protein at every meal is a good thing to do. Campbell proves it’s deadly.

If Campbell, with perfect credentials and awards for excellence and perfect presentation of perfectly performed science and two million books sold proving his methods for correcting this multi-dimensional epidemic, has failed to even slow the obesity epidemic, what can I, with none of those qualities, hope to do? The present introduction to my book speaks of using control of one’s personal diet as an illustration of learning how to control one’s whole life. But billions of people have proven that they cannot control their diet, so how can I expect them to control these other less tangible qualities of their lives? In Love Our Life there isn’t a direct reference to diet in the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece’s 147 list of suggestions for good behavior.

Perhaps # 136 – Live modestly and shun excesses includes diet.