I have no idea if you are boring but I know that I am. I will get excited about something I am talking about and I see people’s eyes glaze over and I realize that I am boring. Perhaps you’ve noticed that or perhaps not. I’m not accusing you of being boring or dumb if you haven’t noticed people getting bored with what you have to say; maybe it’s the exact opposite and you are really smart. Probably you have led a fascinating life and everyone hangs on every word of your adventures. I know people who have traveled the world and every time I mention a place, anyplace, New Zealand, Thailand, Madagascar, New York, anyplace, they will talk endlessly about their fascinating experiences there. It’s amazing.

There is another possibility for being boring. Perhaps you haven’t traveled anywhere or done anything or known anyone, but you are so caught up in your own stories that you don’t notice people becoming bored with what you have to say and they are constantly trying to interrupt. If you have a naturally loud voice you can keep talking and those interrupters will go quiet, after a while, and soon they will find something else to do with their time and wander away. Alternatively, there is usually the option of directing your eyes and voice to someone else who is present who will listen and then you can keep talking to everyone present, but if you are focused on that single person the others will politely sit quietly.

If all else fails and people are refusing to listen to you, you can stand up, say you have an important meeting, but keep talking as if what you say is your concluding remarks. That tactic will get you a couple of minutes more ear-time. Practice talking to the mirror in the morning to help you hone your boring presentations.

If you follow these simple procedures and practice diligently you may become acknowledged as a profound bore.