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‘We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.’ This seems a little more human but it too isn’t living a life full of vigor but a groveling way to find a greater meaning than what is presented by the world we physically inhabit.” A quote from my post in Philosophers Squared – Henri Bergson.

The Universe is moving from a Big Bang to a Big Bust of some sort or another. But, that End Time is really a super-distant time in human terms. We as organic beings,  even much more highly more evolved organic beings, don’t have a chance to have any meaningful contact with that distant time. Or to be a more practical definition halfway to that distant ultimate end of time. I choose halfway because at the halfway point things are probably very much the same as they were at the quarter point and the three-quarter point, and thus the halfway point is typical of the entirety of the process.

Time had a precise beginning moment, the Big Bang, and will have a precise ending moment, the Big Crunch, and thus the halfway point would have a precise moment in existence even if it were unknowable and without any physically defining characteristics. Let’s call it the Big Actualizing, and that moment would probably be indistinguishable from billions of years before or after that instant.

We humans and our organic offspring need a constant renewal through sequential births to even exist, and that process of renewal is very turbulent, and thus the creatures that are members of that species process and are compelled to adapt to their environment to survive through the reproductive process. If we consider our present state of evolution of the Universe to be the halfway point, which it almost certainly isn’t, then to impact the ultimate moment of Big Crunch we organic beings would have to maintain some method of communication over some twelve billion years. That seems totally unrealistic for protean beings such as ourselves.

Therefore, if we are to have a meaningful impact on the Universe, it must be through our silicon-based brethren. If we are to survive our super weapons of organic destruction we must convert our intellectual selves into self-reproducing silicon-based beings. Those beings can be designed to be identical to their ancestors and can thus be transmitted over vast distances of time and space and can even be broadcast by radio waves to other similar silicon-based life on distant galaxies. And, once there, be reproduced in their ultimate original purity if that is considered to be beneficial.

I propose not a Brave New World but a Self Actualizing Universe.