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Here below is a cut and paste of my very first blog post:

Two years ago when it was time to think up a new New Year resolution I thought it would be helpful to Google the phrase but strangely there didn’t seem to be much beyond the usual silliness. It seemed the logical thing to do was to start a fresh new list of good habits; so my resolution became:

Create a new good habit everyday

Practice it seven independent times

Write it down on a list

That turned out to be a really challenging thing to do but it was interesting and sometimes a bit weird. Over the course of the year there was a general migration to simple practical things which were easy to practice and to types of observational things and ways to relate to the world.

Click here to go to my good habits list of 442 habits

What is interesting to me is that I listed the 442 habits that I had created and practiced seven times in an effort to make those actions into automatic habits. Presently, while working on the 7 Sages of Ancient Greece I was only vaguely aware that I had done that similar list back before 2008. Presently I have been writing and rewriting the 147 sayings of those 7 Sages into modern English as rendered by me. This new list is similar to that ten-year-old one in that they are brief sentences with the intent of honing one’s personal behavior. The earlier ones were created out of my imagination and the 7 Sages ones are based on 2,600-year-old Greek sayings formed at the very beginning of Western civilization. That time period is called the Axial Period because so many people prominent to later civilization were active at that time. It seems obvious that what happened was those people created phonetic alphabets for their languages and thus were able to read and write. The Phoenician alphabet was a beginning, but it was the Greek language that was the first fully written spoken language. If a person could speak Greek they could quickly learn the alphabet and write out their thoughts, and they could then communicate across vast distance and time. Instead of translating pictographs into words, the words could be written down and communication could be more specific and more accurate. The Greek empire soon spread from Italy to India. These 147 suggestions have been greatly reworked for the book Love Our Life.

Probaway’s 442 habits are similar to the 7 Sages’ 147 suggestions.