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I was in a conversation recently with a person who kept answering everything interesting about our world and our existence in it with the word God. It was annoying for me because in that view everything became coated over with a cloud of meaningless oblivion. If every concept you can think of is instantly coated with that word then everything becomes nothing. That might be satisfying to many people because then all they need to do to achieve a blissful state of mind is to think of absolutely nothing. Many meditation practices seek to clear the mind, to empty it of distractions, but one would think the purpose of that emptying process is to clear the mind of meaningless distractions so that it might perceive reality more cleanly and thus more accurately and thus in greater detail. The patterns that arise from a clear perception of physical reality are astonishingly complex, endlessly interesting in their interactions with their realities and to a clear mind filled with profound beauty.

Dumping the word God onto all of this wonderful creation would be an insult to a higher-order creator if one existed to do the creating. Imagine taking the whole planet Earth with all of its history and human creations too and dipping it into a puddle of wax repeatedly until all there was to see was a big ball of wax. That done, then to have my acquaintance say isn’t that wonderful, God did it. The whole Earth and all of its wonders are comfortably coated with wax into a blissful feeling in that person’s meditative stomach. But, I sigh, everything interesting is invisible, it is gone, it has no relationships with anything, it is meaningless without a relationship with other things. And, without meaning to us humans and our interactions with other human beings, it becomes agonizingly boring.

Nietzsche wrote, “God is dead.” I don’t know about that but I would say that the word God applied haphazardly to explain everything is deadening to a conversation. It makes love boring. It makes evolution boring. And perhaps worst of all it makes the person saying the word boring.

I like conversations to be interesting! And, when I see a stained-glass window proclaiming God is Love I wonder if that is a mathematical statement like 1 = 1. If that is true, then it would make more sense to say God is God or God = God; Or Love is Love or Love = Love.

I might make God or Love into an interesting subject.