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I woke up early and after the usual animal ablutions got to work on a “Love Our Life” reworking of the already multiply reworked 7 Sages of Greece sayings from Delphi. I made a parallel list of all 147 sayings using John Uebersax’s rendition for comparison to mine. That took a couple of hours but it printed up nicely on three pages.

Then it was off to my Tuesday morning group of older people who are deep into exploring spiritual relationships of various things. Today it was the Earth and its geomagnetic fields and the necessity of keeping our human physical alignments in harmony with those much greater ones. Strangely the total eclipse of last week was only mentioned once and that in a tangential passing remark. No one seemed to have paid much attention to it, even though there were thousands of tourists coming in from all over the world for our perfect viewing conditions. The cloud cover was thin but the smoke cover was thick but low to the ground so it didn’t cause any interruption of the viewing of the eclipse. Strange that there was so little interest in that clear phenomenon and so much interest in the almost invisible magneto/electric one. I’m not into those kinds of ideas but I have been trying assiduously to follow my 7 Sages suggestion #28, Respect everyone’s point of view. And similarly, #213, Respect every person’s unusual beliefs. My attitude is that there may be some value in every person’s experience and my job as a listener is to find it. The value may be tiny but I am wringing it out to my satisfaction. There may be power in magical thinking. They claim it is natural power but we don’t perceive it with our natural senses. All the same, it is there! They assert!

The group survives and is attended by over twenty people because other people listen attentively to some far fringe ideas presented by each other. The game seems to be that if you will listen to my crazy ideas I will listen to yours. They even tolerate my excessively scientific approach to things. When I do speak it is from clear and well known and widely accepted facts. Today, I presented a little summary of the astonishing thing the Greeks created when they made their totally phonetic alphabet and inscribed it in stone and placed the stones in every city so even common citizens could learn to read and write. Each Greek could then communicate with other Greeks hundreds of miles away. I challenged them to come up with an idea that had that kind of power. The next speaker reverted to her experiences with aligning her energy with the Earth’s. After that, there was a response to my idea condemning the Greeks for creating writing because that made ideas fixed and when they became fixed people fought over those ideas and killed each other because of them and were able to form bigger armies and fight bigger wars. The intellectual life here in Bend is a little different from back in Berkeley.

Soon it was time to go home and have lunch.