Earlier today there was a call in both of my Sunday spiritual groups for a two-minute meditation. The Unitarian Universalist (UU) meditation was in our newly built building and the Spiritual Awareness Community (SAC ) was in the Old Stone Church (44.0556 -121.3096), which three years ago was the venue for both of those totally independent Sunday groups. A meditative walk in the Labyrinth (44.050936 -121.362219) preceded both of those organized group events.

In my Sunday morning walks in the Labyrinth, I have been thanking each individual one of the 1440 stones that define the maze, for different things. Some Sundays it’s for being so unique, sometimes for their unique journeys to be there in their place, sometimes thanking the humans that brought them to their place, but today I was thinking about their relationship to the concept of good. Do they as inanimate things even have anything about them that is good, other than what humans project upon them, or possibly animals or even plants that somehow use them for their living purposes?

Those variations on good re-entered my mind during the group meditations. It seemed to my mind in that relaxed state of consciousness that good required a living human being to create the idea of good and then to set its boundaries. That idea seems latent in all the usual philosophies and starkly stated in Existentialism. I pondered over the idea that the value in good was to promote the human life that was doing the judging and that expanded to the species doing the judging. Good is usually limited to humans, but if it were a dog, or a bird, or fish, or amoeba, what would they say? Wouldn’t an amoeba when reaching out to a bit of food be seeking good, and when finding something unsavory think of it as bad, or not good, and avoid that thing? When that thought is pursued a bit, wouldn’t the single-celled organism, or a virus, consider anything that helped it grow to be good, and anything that helped it to grow to the point of self-replication to be good?

Looked at that way it appears that good is just expanding the living biosphere to be consuming and converting the maximum amount of nonliving matter and energy into living matter.

Humans would quibble with this definition but are pursuing it wholeheartedly.