Last week I had some blood drawn for my annual physical exam done by the VA. Today I visited with my doctor, whose name I suppose is not public information, and we talked for about fifteen minutes. He looked over the blood results and said they were near perfect and that I should keep doing whatever it was that I was doing. I had told him that my diet of the last seven months was in response to his telling me I should lose some weight to get down to BMI of 25. On that issue, the nurse had measured my weight and height and my official height is a half an inch taller than what I measured here at home. I am happy to hear that because that affects my BMI score and I won’t have to lose so much weight. In my 20s my height was considered 5’9½” but today the nurse measured it at  5’8½” so according to last week’s post What is an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index)? my new goal would be half way between 154.0 and 158.5, which equals 156.25 pounds.

…BMI … 23.41 … 25

5’7″  … 149.5 … 159.7
5’8″  … 154.0 … 165.0
5’8.5″…156.25 … 167.25
5’9″  … 158.5 … 169.5
5’10” … 163.2 … 174.3

Yikes! I thought this was going to be good, but NO! This morning’s weigh-in was 166.0. I was feeling good about that until now. Now to get to that ideal weight I must lose another 9¾ pounds. I am feeling good about my current weight so losing that much more seems excessive. Perhaps I should aim for the BMI of 25 and then reconsider how I feel. That would be half way between 165.0 and 169.5, which equals 167.25. Okay, this isn’t quite so bad. I am 1¼ pounds below BMI 25, which is the official cut-off poundage for overweight.

I am pursuing this to an absurd extreme to try to find out the limits of what the CDC is talking about with their BMI “nonsense”. Now my doctor and everyone else is saying that having a few extra pounds is a good idea just in case one gets sick. That way one  will have more resiliency. What is a poor boy to think? If by one measure the ideal for life expectancy is 23.41 but by another standard one should have a little extra weight to fend off sickness, there is some cognitive confusion.

Perhaps my ideal is half way between 156.25 & 167.25 or 161.75. I can do that.