The 7 Sages of Greece

The 7 Sages of Greece mosaic found buried at Pompeii

Challenge yourself to kind actions” is line 54 from my rendition of the maxims of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece. Those sayings are being reworked for Love Our Life. Those ancient sayings from about 550 BC Greece are seemingly simple and commonplace but the list of 147 is readable in a couple of minutes and will create a feeling of purpose and control in the reader. Furthermore, when seen on a daily basis chiseled in stone in the public square they will influence the whole community to relate in a more helpful way with one another. Part of the power of having those sometimes strange ideas before the public eye and attention is that the people will see when one of their members is being successful in practicing the precepts. That will give them a role model upon which to pattern their own behavior. Everyone will grow to greater maturity.

If those stone stelae were in fact placed in Greek towns throughout their world they would have been read often and responded to at a community level. Also, they would be a route to every person becoming literate and a member of the whole Greek civilization. Each individual could memorize a line every few days and thus learn the words and letters of their language. After a year or so a person would know the whole stelae’s precepts and also how to read and form letters and thus have a basic access to the wisdom of the philosophers who were coming into existence.

Those few people living at Delphi who created these stelae and sent them around the Greek world may have been doing some of the kindest deeds ever done. They founded a society of literate people, filled them with reasonable methods for coping with their real world and set the stage for a civilization that resounds to this day. As most ideas come into being in a single individual’s mind it seems probable that a single person set the creation of these stone stelae into motion. It created a world civilization. At the beginning, it may have been a simple task by a single person.

Challenge yourself to a kind action. Create a list of good suggestions.