The Seven Sages found the essence of Stoic thought centuries before it was refined into what we now understand to be stoicism. I like the idea behind line 73, which seems to be to “Enjoy what is easy and natural.” I say seems to be because to put modern words into people’s ideas from 2,500 years ago is presumptuous. And yet, we must proceed in the moment with what we have.

The more famous line from that distant time is “Know thyself.” It seems to be a moving and sensitive thought but it is hard to do and fundamentally unnatural. People have been sitting around for a couple of thousand years now studying every nuance of themselves from their topmost hair through the centermost center of their navel and onto the tippiest of the tip of their toe, and what do they have to report that doesn’t strike the normally sane person as useless nonsense?

However, “Enjoy what is easy and natural” is easy to do and is as natural as eating, pooping, having sex and sleeping. No problem, it’s that easy! And, if you are having a problem with any of those basic natural functions it’s time to reconsider all the time spent on knowing one’s esoteric self and get back to appreciating one’s natural self.

I have interpreted the 147 wisdoms of the Seven Sages as action terms for living a healthy life embedded in a vibrant society which is functioning in harmony with what the world has made available.

It is easy and natural walking along the path to the Way.