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Today was the official launch of Clockwork Purple and five of us gave a public reading of one story each. I was asked to read my story based on the prompt “Just who will you be?” (page 133) That was a story I wrote just after reading about Winston Churchill’s method of presenting his orations. There is a photograph that I had seen of one of his famous speeches, and it was written in a poetic format. His reason for doing that spacing style was that it made it easier for him to pace his speaking pattern.

I posted that story on September 12, 2016. “Just who will you be?” It has the poetic formatting, whereas the style of spacing was stripped away for the paper publication. I read the story from the book and at the conclusion people clapped, and later a few said they enjoyed the story. If I ever read that story again in public I am going to read it from the original poetic formatting. I just now read it, in the quiet of my writing room, and it flowed much better than when reading it from the book.

I did have some trouble reading into the microphone. I have a soft voice, so it is necessary to get within an inch of that thing for me to be properly amplified. A further complication was that the light for reading was directly above my head and the mic cast a strong shadow onto the book I was reading from. I didn’t feel uncomfortable reading to the group and sometimes the flow was very pleasant. I need to get more public experience, not because Clockwork Purple will ever become a great success, but because I am writing Love Your Life with the intent that it will reach a very large audience so it may become necessary for me to develop at least a modicum of that skill.

I enjoyed reading “Just who will you be.”