I’m not a perfectionist but do I want my book Love Your Life to be right! It is important that it be right if it is going to reach the audience it must reach if it is to help them to cope with their problems. I have spent a lot of time on the cover and the first few pages because it is important to find the right tone. The book is intended to give some ideas on how to cope with a problem and then give some workable suggestions. The thrust is about previewing a problem from a safe distance where one can practice the coping methods and have some success with creating a workable habit before confronting the real problem. This isn’t new and I doubt if anything in this book will be new, but it is intended to put a way of doing the necessary actions into practice.

I have attended a lot of group discussions on various human problems and it seems most people have a basic understanding of what they want to do and give examples of what they do to accomplish these ordinary things. It all seems so reasonable and logical and doable, and then you look at the results of their efforts and see a considerable contradiction and obvious shortfall. I hesitate to say failure but the level of success, when compared to the powerful-sounding convictions of the rhetoric, is pitiful.

I don’t condemn these people for their shortfall, nor do I pity them; I just attempt to observe the reality of their situation and try to find a workable solution and present my idea of a solution in such a way that it can at least be understood and tried. It is an attempt to —

Treat others better than I treat myself.