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“Now that you have strong sense of the emotional components”

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The current Dalai Lama and University of California-Berkeley professor of Psychology Paul Ekman were walking along the Berkeley waterfront talking about their favorite subject. People. People and their emotional relationship to this world. Ekman had just published a new book. His current book is more inclusive, Telling Lies, Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage. His previous books became the foundation of a TV series called Lie to Me, which ran for three seasons. Their discussion along the beach I later discovered was about asymmetrical facial expressions and their relationship to lying.

Unbeknownst to any of us they were walking past my residence at that time, dock 28 in the Berkeley Marina, and my dog Tiger began barking at them and ran over to them to check out their smell, as dogs typically do, and thus began my short conversation with those two men.

I could tell by their close attention to my facial expression that they had noticed my face was partially paralyzed. I immediately told them that I had had a severe cold a month before and the infection had hit my trigeminal nerve and paralyzed it. The technical medical term for that condition is Bell’s palsy. They both were familiar with the condition so the discussion progressed quickly to what we were all interested in,  the observation of asymmetrical facial expressions and their relationship to truth and emotions.

I was telling these strangers about the problems I was having with my friends because of my Bell’s palsy. It happened when I would tell a little joke about some foible of my friends. They would call it sarcasm, but I thought of it as humor at the minor expense of my friends, or sometimes of me, but because of the Bell’s palsy my face would take on weird expressions. My friends were accustomed to my sarcasms and were fairly tolerant of them, but they would see this new and bizarre expression and would be subtly freaked out. We all laughed a bit and went our separate ways.

This happened in the Berkeley Marina and now that you have strong sense of the emotional components of that conversation you can see why I value –

My conversation with the Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman, which was brief but memorable for me.