A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Happy, healthy, wise and wealthy are worthy goals and health is the one that is most available to your conscious behavior, but they all support one another.

Happiness comes with the situation of the moment and contentment with the relationship with one’s personal environment, but health can be ruined by risky actions.

The knowledge of how to be healthy is half the way to being healthy.

Most disease and bodily failures are more easily prevented than cured.

It is the height of foolishness to risk one’s health when it is possible to walk away from disease and danger.

The goal of wisdom is to acquire and maintain happiness, health, and wealth.

It is the heart of morality to treat others well, and treating your body is a moral obligation as important as treating others’ bodies well.

With health, you have the energy to pursue happiness, wealth, and wisdom and without it those wonderful things are distant dreams.

That slogan of the 1980s,”Don’t worry, be happy,” might have been more productive of happiness if it were “Avoid worry, seek health.”

Keep your body as healthy as possible; you might need to use it for a long time.

For most of us, health is not something you get — it’s something you don’t lose.

Look ahead! To risk life and limb for silly things is surely to lose important things.

To maximize a long, happy, healthy life, learn how to be happy and healthy when young.

Our bodies are constantly being assaulted with diseases, but if we keep our bodies healthy we can win those battles.

He who has health has the potential for positive action and growth.

With health, we can certainly earn money but with money, we only might possibly buy health.

Money helps you feel good when you are spending it, but health lets you feel good all the time.

Health is greatly improved by eating and walking the right amount.

Sustained worry weakens a man and deep fear sets him up for death.

Health is acquired and maintained by doing the right things and avoiding doing the wrong things and generally, that means moderation in all things.