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The temperature was in the upper 90°s F today, but it wasn’t a problem for me. I have an indoor garage for my Subaru Outback so it was comfortable to drive and it has air conditioning so it stayed cool. I parked in the downtown concrete parking structure so it was surrounded by cool concrete until I went home at noon. The two block walk to Dudley’s bookstore was through the structure and then an air-conditioned building and then half a block in sun-shadow. Only when crossing the street was I exposed to direct sun and outside temperature. I have been wearing my fleece jacket while inside of the car which means it was comfortably cool while I was walking. People thought I was crazy to be wearing a cool weather coat and they said so, but I responded that the jacket stays cool for a couple of minutes. Therefore, I am comfortable while they are heating up by being exposed to the sun and hot air. Once I am inside an air-conditioned building again, the jacket helps moderate the chilly wind that is blowing from the forced-air cooling system. So, who’s crazy?

The conversation that was going on was about dreams and almost everyone was eager to talk about their personal experiences. I haven’t been dreaming much lately and generally fall asleep while Debbie is reading to me. When I get up to pee, usually once, I fall asleep within a few seconds of getting back into bed. That has been observed by doing things like counting and observing the number I remember counting too. I count slowly, about one number per second, and rarely remember getting past thirty. Some of the folks were keeping dream journals and were having what to them were interesting events. I may be a bore, but these things don’t relate to my thoughts and experiences very tightly. When I am challenged to be creative in that sense what generally happens to my mind can be read in another group I participate in called Clockwork Purple. That is based on very random sentences selected out of random books. One person picks a page unseen, another picks a line, and another reads the sentence. We all copy that sentence down and write a forty-five-minute story around that quoted sentence. We now have copies in hand of our first book. It’s named Clockwork Purple. I just checked and it’s now available at Amazon.com.

I have been struggling with my new book and with my computer-printer interface. It is very annoying trying to do creative editing and having one’s electronics insist on doing something unexpected. I had to go many drop-screens down into Windows settings to find the problem. That plus shutting everything down and rebooting several times. I now have workarounds that are working.

Life needs some problems to be interesting, but computer problems are just annoying.