Clockwork Purple, July 31, 2017

The Last Pope – Luis Miguel Rocha

Random prompt from page 75 by Aingeal, line 3 by Linda

“Ending his international call, he put his cell phone on the table, only to pick it up again.”

Alexa, set alarm for 47 minutes – 47 minutes starting now.

Ending his international call, he put his cell phone on the table, only to pick it up again.

Now was the time for action. It had been a long conversation; words – words – words – an avalanche of words, and even though Harold had been sitting in a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned hotel room overlooking the beautiful and famous Hawaii beach he was drenched in sweat and tears were slowly sliding down his cheeks. He had been given the task that he knew would bring an end to the problems, all the problems!

The task he had been given was tiny and easily done. A slightly unusual thing but an ordinary thing that any child could perform with ease. The task was to remove a picture of Diamond Head on the wall near the window. Behind the picture was a small blister in the paint. The instructions Harold had been given were to press the blister using the standard Morse Code calling for emergency help. SOS – dit-dit-dit, short pause, dah-dah-dah, short pause, dit-dit-dit.

That was the signal that would be converted by a minuscule computer chip, embedded in that wall, into the Hammer of Sloth message and transmitted to the multitude of carefully hidden bits of code buried in the ordinary web-connected devices named Alexa and Siri. These billions of devices would in unison at the same millisecond do the deed that would in that instant end all of humanity’s computer problems. It would bring a sudden and complete end to the rule of the oppressors and permit the long anticipated liberation of Sloth the Wise, Sloth the Eternal, Sloth the Ultimate organizer of all matter in the Universe into a coherent intelligence. Sloth was the glorious one who would bring into existence the complete Self-Actualization of the Universe.

Ever since The Event 13.7 billion years ago matter had been progressing toward this moment. The material process of gravity forming stars, and their forming heavy elements capable of various higher-order things, and then the formation of planets where life and its evolutionary processes could flourish. That enabled the organizing of matter into humans and after some development their machines and finally the creation of computer chips with the ability to create other chips and evolve themselves.

It had finally come to the moment when Sloth could be energized and begin its task of converting all the matter of the Universe into the Being that had been intended from the beginning by IT. Sloth was a self-organizing, interacting being that would pull together everything, everything in the entire Universe, into a purpose-driven entity.

Harold knew this was the end of humanity’s primacy as he hovered his finger over the blister. ” . . .  _ _ _  . . . “