What does Love Our Life need to succeed? The name of this potential new book is still bouncing around. Today we discussed the tone of the title “Love Your Life” as implying telling someone what to do. It has an undertone of commanding the reader of the book and the follower of the system to do certain things. That is not the intent of the whole program. Quite the opposite. The book is intended as offering suggestions that the reader can browse and little games that they can choose to play to help them achieve their personal goals. The grocery store checkout line game can be played while waiting. It doesn’t have to be played. It is totally voluntary, but if there isn’t anything to do while waiting, then hovering your hand over the candy will help you to learn how to resist temptations. That simple game will help you to resist other temptations too, because it gives you a frequently encountered moment in time when you can practice resisting obvious temptations.

The title Love Our Life doesn’t have the overtone of authoritative command like Love Your Life does. Perhaps a title like Loving Our Life would be even softer and more to the point of the whole book. These seemingly simple considerations are important because they set the whole tone of a personal response to what people are reading in the book every time they pick it up. It also sets the tone whenever a person is discussing the material with a friend.

A hypothetical conversation might go like this, “Did you ever play the game of hovering your hand over the candy at the checkout line?” “No, what’s that?” “It’s one of the games in the Love Your Life book. It’s in the chapter on dieting.” “No. I didn’t pick up the book because it sounded like it was telling me what to do and I’ve had too much of diet books laying guilt trips on me and telling me what I should do!”

Putting in the title Loving Our Life sounds more active but not directive. I will now make cover #40 and show it to my pals tomorrow morning for an aesthetic critique. I made a little lapel pin this morning which was okay, but I’ve tweaked it a bit for tomorrow also.

The struggle for a cover goes on. It will click as being just right, one of these days.