I have been showing my Love Your Life book cover and its numerous upgrades to the people I know in search of feedback. Richard, a professional artist with fifty years experience with such things, even did a cover for me. It is beautiful! His cover is much nicer to look at than mine, but it lacks one thing that I desperately want from the cover.

If this book idea is to reach a billion people it must be unforgettable! Once you have seen my cover with its outrageous smiling lips and shocking title you will never forget it. When you see someone at a coffee shop with this book cover lying on their table you will be tempted to start a conversation. If you have ever started a diet of any type, you will be tempted to ask that person how they like it. Are they doing any of the games? Do they work?

Jerry, another of my friends and a successful creator of things you have probably heard of, is really great at identifying the nuances of ideas. He has been super helpful in spotting the emotional coloring of words and ideas.

I come home and kick ideas around and read diet books looking for the essence of what we modern people need. As wonderful as our modern society presently is, there still seems to be a lack of purpose to life. It seems to me the Europeans with their way of seeking the enjoyment of life as an end in itself are following Sartre’s ideas. We need to generate our own values and avoid letting others choose our life aspirations for us. We are inundated with advertising and political falderol that tries to manipulate what we think and do, but ultimately we are the ones spending our money and time and that depends upon our choices. Many, probably most, people are not up to the task and are bewildered and driven into various kinds of monetary and emotional debt.

The Love Your Life book is a general life strategy book but its most direct application is to eating. Eating is a basic life process and therefore is common to everyone’s experience. If we can get ourselves aligned with our eating habits, we are on the road to better alignments with other aspects of our life. That is why the book is written around the process of dieting, but it is ultimately about everyone’s total life.

Love Your Life is aimed at health and happiness via proper eating.