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The cover of Love Your Life has gone through over thirty-eight versions. It has been saved that many times using a new number. I begin new visual projects with a new name with the name ending in a 01 and then save it whenever there has been a significant update. That way I can go back to earlier versions and pick up some detail that might have been eliminated later and reinsert it into the image. When I look at the first renditions it was labeled “Love Our Life” and before the graphic was begun the working title was “Laugh Out Loud” – diet because it was going to be such an easy diet plan that everyone would laugh at how easy it was to follow the plan.

The problem as I saw it then, and still see it, is that there is so much guilt laden into all the diet plans already out there. Also, it was obvious that the billions of overweight people didn’t want to be overweight, but didn’t know how to get their weight under their voluntary control. The various diet plans obviously don’t work or people would simply gravitate to that plan and do it. Ultimately it is simply burning off as many calories as you consume, but that idea isn’t working and the proof is the vast numbers of people who are overweight.

I am convinced that the Love Your Life plan will work because I have been doing it and without the slightest discomfort have been losing two pounds per month for seven months. Losing weight slowly is best and doing it consistently means it is easy to form successful habits. Oprah wouldn’t be yo-yo-ing with her weight if she knew how not to. She must have suffered greatly to have lost 42 pounds since December 22, 2016. It is a coincidence, but that is the date that Debbie and I began our diets. We have each lost 14 pounds and had fun doing it and it is unlikely that we will bounce back up. Also, Oprah is reported to be a partial owner of Weight Watchers so she has a financial interest in losing weight and thus promoting her own company.

I have been writing this book for quite a while but don’t really have very much monetary interest in its success. My interest is in having it become successful in helping people reach their self-perceived ideal health. But, I have come to face the facts that to make things successful they must play the money-driven game. Thus, I have been creating this book with the intent of it having a large circulation. According to Amazon the typical sales of a book is less than 250 copies. From the point of view of helping billions of people with their weight that is unacceptable.

So I am trying to design the Love Your Life book into a billion-sales form. Absurd!