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I wrote that title thinking about the eclipse of the sun this August 21, 2017, but when I read it felt like the eclipse of America, this wonderful experiment in democracy. Back in the 1960’s, there was turmoil aplenty — McCarthyism, the Free Speech Movement, race riots, and the insane Vietnam war. Those were ugly problems but I don’t remember ever feeling there was a fundamental problem with our form of government. It was that there were just nasty problems that needed improvement, and I, and it seemed that the people I knew, also felt that we could do it. We could solve our problems, at least we could make them a lot better if we tried really hard.

At the moment there seems to be a desperation that the information we are basing our thoughts on is being manipulated by evil people. The media are always suspect of being biased, and that’s why we used to have a variety of newspapers with their views on what was wrong and each had their ideas on what we should and could do to correct the problems. Nowadays, there is a fundamental question about the truth of media because there are people outside of our country who benefit by creating confusion and conflict within our country. They are not trying to solve our problems they are trying to make them worse. That appears to be the new reality that we must cope with and adapt to. It will be a new experiment in government, with the belief that the media and the government are no longer even attempting to behave in ways that will be to the general benefit. One extreme example is the intentional attempt to deprive vast numbers of people of medical care, which means that many of them will die, which is the deliberate policy of some politicians. They are functionally committing murder, even genocide. Not genocide of an ethnic group, but a genocide of people who were born into unfortunate situations and then deprived of an education or other ways out of their poverty.

I spent a lot of time the last few days searching for the best place to view the eclipse of the sun. I have different ideas about what the ideal place would be and if I published them here there might be stacks of people on that exact spot. With a bit of luck a few days after that event I will have a spectacular post. I watched the sun rise eclipsed on July 9th 1945 12:18Z near Wilder, Idaho, exactly a week before the first atomic bomb exploded over Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16th 1945 12:29Z at sunrise.

July 9, 1945 was my first solar eclipse and August 21, 2017 may be my last. Enjoy!