I have been fussing specifically with the Love Our Life front and back cover for several days. I and my helpful friends have been trying to find just the right words to be attractive and say exactly what the book offers. The sixteenth “final” printing was popular with my friends and a couple of coffee-shop young women. Those unknown women are particularly important to me because that demographic will probably be the first users of the book.

The front cover may be final. The back cover presently reads well but is a bit wordy, so I will let it rest for a few days and then read it with a fresh mind. I need to show the cover to enough different people to get some feedback on what is acceptable and appealing to them.

Now is the time to begin rewriting a large number of essays that will be the text of this book. Debbie bought a Scrivener writers program to help organize what is already in text form. However, after spending so much time getting the cover into shape and thinking more in an overview mindset rather than specifics, the tone of the book has shifted from those earlier essays. Before it was aimed at specific recommendations, but in the future is moving more toward making this “diet-book” a totally positive experience. I am cutting through the guilt, which is destructive to actually promoting success. Being successful with any activity is done by making every action into something that can be counted as a success. For example, Debbie and I have been doing a diet for six months now and weighing ourselves every day. What becomes obvious while doing that procedure is that almost every day our weight is higher than our best record weigh-in. Therefore, it can be felt as a failure, a disappointment, a cause for depression. The way we counter that problem is not to rate the daily weight as the success but the fact that we did our eating routines, our daily walks and weighed ourselves. That is the success we pay attention to and the good feeling about. It is knowing we did what we intended to do that is the success. An even bigger life success is in knowing we can trust ourselves to do what we set out to do.

That may not sound like much, but nearly everyone who sets out on a New Year’s Resolution, to go on a diet, for example, fails. Fails. To be able to successfully do a diet is a huge accomplishment. We have succeeded in working out ways to be successful.

What Love Our Life will do for people is help them to trust themselves.