The existing diet books tend to be laden with hidden guilt. They also keep referring to science and scientific studies in an attempt to appear well-founded and important. Perhaps this is because people who have body image problems feel guilty and want to change for the better but don’t know how. The diet mavens, in an effort to respond to the seriousness of the current obesity epidemic, become pretentious and overload their writing with useless facts. They also promise fantastic improvements that magically happen overnight if only you suffer enough.

Love Our Life is going to be fun to read and every bit of it is going to be repeatedly proofread to filter out negative thoughts. If we expect someone to do the games as routine behavior for the rest of their lives, they must be pleasurable. This is the opposite of standard diets that expect their followers to be willfully overruling their bodies’ natural eagerness to eat. They try to force their gut to act as if there is a famine currently in progress. That generates internal pain, and no one wants to live in pain every moment of their future life. We may suffer pain for a little while to achieve a grander goal of being comfortable in the long run. But even then we must expect that if we follow the plan of suffering we will eventually reach a state of harmony and contentment. Just endure this pain for a little longer. Unfortunately, a little longer is forever.

Love Our Life is designed to be pleasurable from the very first moment you begin reading the little book of LOL games. Writing about something that has as much negativity associated with it as dieting does is a challenge. To do comedy about obesity is easy if it is based on making fun of the problem. But that is not only ugly, it is counterproductive. It doesn’t help anyone take control of their personal situation and instead drives them toward resentment and despair.

Having a positive attitude toward solving a problem is what works. It is necessary to get into a positive relationship with problems to deal with them effectively. It works best to be a friend to all of your emotions. Strong emotions wouldn’t be coming up if there wasn’t some problem that provoked the response. That moment of response is telling you in clear terms something needs to be attended to.

I have already written forty-three essays dealing with various aspects of the dieting problem, and much more about habits. This LOL book has a fertile ground upon which to grow the new ideas. The LOL diet is based on games that bring happiness and health. The easy games can reach people who can’t endure a future based on deprivation and pain.

This new strategy isn’t easy or obvious and I have already rewritten what was thought to be the final cover and introduction fifteen times. Fortunately, I have some older professional friends who are willing to discuss these problems with me and keep me on track to what will work.

The goal of Love Our Life isn’t to have fun myself, it’s to help all humanity to cope with their problems.