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I have been writing and rewriting the covers, introduction and early chapters to the Love Our Life book. It is an effort to find words that will reach everyone. The main thrust of this has been aimed at coping with the obesity epidemic that is now world-wide. Well over a billion people are now directly affected by overweight bodies. The current methods of weight loss clearly don’t work. In addition to obesity, there are other problems with different manifestations, but it is apparent to me that the root causes are similar. The book is being written with a generality of approach that can be useful for coping with those additional problems.

The book is designed to be very inexpensive to publish so that it might reach a worldwide audience more easily. It is intended to be easy to translate and to reprint. The sentence structure is intentionally easy to understand and the games easy to play. The style of the sentence structure will be epigrammatic to be memorable. It is written as the first edition with blank spaces for additional games to be inserted into the book by the reader. An annual worldwide contest, with prizes, will be part of the book. The method of solving problems with new games can be expanded to other types of situations. The working model is 4 x 6 inches so that it is pocketable, but it might be a little smaller. It is intended that it be carried for ready reference until its games become automatic. Then it is intended that it be given to a friend as a gift. That is stated on the title page and at the bottom of every page in small type.

I drew a stylized smiling mouth on the cover as an iconic symbol for the Love Our Life movement. The idea of a worldwide movement seems premature. To reach everyone, having a movement as part of the original layout makes sense. Having a book as the foundation makes it possible to present the ideas more coherently. Having access to social media makes the wider circulation of the ideas happen more quickly.

To be a success the Love Our Life movement must show significant results promptly.