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A dog named Maggie needs a home for a few days in September and her human friend suggested that she stay with Debbie and me for about five days while they are away. Today we went over to Maggie’s home for a visit and walked her over to ours to see how comfortable that would be for her. The hope was that we would find the whole experience acceptable to everyone concerned.

Maggie is a Jack Russell Terrier which is a breed I have no experience with, but she is very dog-like and responded well to my leash inputs and physical actions. It was about four blocks from her house to mine by a round-the-block route so we had some time for personal interaction. At first she tended to pull hard on the leash and my tugs were met with a firmer pulling on her part. I tried intermittent short pulls and she responded briefly, but soon was back to strong pulling. I began showing interest in various things along our route like trees, bushes, rocks and other things that I thought might interest her too. I would stop and inspect those things for about ten seconds and then move on to another one. She respected my stopping and demonstrating interest and would not pull away while I was still. When I started walking again she would begin pulling again but after several cycles of stopping and starting at those points of interest, she was beginning to walk with me instead of pulling me.

When we got to my house we entered the front door and went directly to the back door and out into the fully fenced in back yard. While still on the leash I let her lead me and inspect the entire periphery at her own pace of interest, but more or less I led the procedure by walking from one point of interest to the next one. One of the events was our neighbor’s dog Jade coming over to the wooden fence where they could sniff each other’s noses through the gaps between the vertical boards with about a two-inch gap. That was surprisingly brief, about ten seconds total. We had inspected the whole yard by the time her owner arrived.

Maggie and my whole private encounter was about ten minutes but she seemed perfectly comfortable being with me and I with her. I am looking forward to her visit with Debbie and me.