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Everyone is going to disagree with us about something. Some people are going to disagree with us so profoundly that they will have strong negative emotions toward us simply because they perceive that we belong to some particular category they hate. As soon as any defining label can be attached to us there will be someone who hates us. For example, politicians simply by choosing to be associated with a party, which is necessary to gain enough support to be effective, will automatically be a competitor to members of the other party and therefore be hated by the black-and-white thinkers of that other party.

Some people become so filled with resentment at perceived mistreatment from some other group or situation that they will refuse to even tolerate listening to objective facts being presented about that subject. Ideas that are not in absolute accord with their position are automatically hated. These days, with easy access to the propaganda that agrees with us, it becomes easy to fill one’s mind with highly sifted facts that prove we are right and everyone else is wrong and hates us. Therefore, it becomes legitimate for us to automatically hate them. This attitude comes from a personal history of bad treatment and resultant pain. Some people have been so subjected to chronic pain since their infancy that they have never experienced anything pleasant coming from some category of people. Thus it becomes easy for them to totally reject anything coming from that category and very easy to accept all information that makes them evil. Even direct observation of simple reality presented by those evil ones will be rejected because it will be seen as manipulated. Any carefully presented argument that includes a trifle of suspect information will be seen as coming from an evil place and rejected.

Everyone has their point of view, and we can assume that everyone has some things that we would agree with. Therefore, it makes sense to find those things we hold as true and value in common and continue our conversations on those points of agreement. Even people who hold us in contempt and disgust may have personal property that they would trade for personal property we possess. On that we can begin to form a bond of mutual interest.

Some people may choose to find personal satisfaction in holding unrealistic ideas because it gives their life a point of personal meaning. It feels better to them to cling to false hopes than to have no hope at all. Perhaps it is more effective when attempting to communicate with these people, perhaps everyone, to always totally accept them exactly as they are without any hesitancy, totally without reservation. To assume that I have the capacity to place my point of view anywhere in the universe, at least temporarily and therefore …

I accept you exactly as you are! I totally accept you and your opinions.