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I am working on a diet plan that might help the billion overweight people come closer to their desired weight. It is obvious they want to lose their excess weight and are having trouble doing it because they are spending vast sums of money on various weight and fitness plans. Those types of books are very popular on Amazon. There is a need.

I have written about the problem of an unknown person reaching a billion people. It isn’t easy, even if you have a brilliant and sound idea. If the book, when finished, is published by a local publisher it is unlikely to get any national attention, let alone worldwide attention. I know a publisher and he has already said he is interested, but I do have some tentative contacts in New York who might be able to put in a good word in the right place.

My motivation is to reach that final audience of obese people. The publishing industry and media are motivated by making a profit on their work, and no doubt some are interested in manipulating the public to some political end. Therefore, if I am going to reach my audience I must somehow cooperate with the media. When I lived in Berkeley I did know people who were successful in manipulating the media: Max Scherr, the founder of the Berkeley Barb, Jerry Rubin of the 1968 Democratic Convention fame, and Joan Blades of MoveOn.org fame. I don’t claim to have known these people well, but I did have several personal conversations with each of them. Each of those people was more into the political thing and the means of reaching the media was more direct and more ballsy. Reaching the diet crowd and the associated media is very different, but it may require a certain element of spunk.

To be heard in the modern world means to somehow reach far enough into some absurdity to pique the media’s interest and thus the public’s consciousness. Thus…

I must watch carefully during my diet research for an appropriate promotion “angle”.