I’ve been looking through some diet books and even the ones I like are laden with guilt. Also, every one of them is locked on to some weird detail that makes their diet better than all the rest. The obvious problem is that all of them have some things, some details that prevent them from becoming truly effective. Usually, that detail is that they are too difficult for normal human beings to practice for very long and thus eventually the participants fall off the bandwagon and, after a few attempts to get back on, quit and either accept their fate or after a while try yet another diet.

Since the first chapter of my diet book is going to be the bare facts of what to do to achieve a realistic condition it seems logical to have the preface deal with the problems with the other plans. Basically, that is pointing out how the diets are nearly impossible to stay on permanently without some form of external reminders and emotional support. The LOL diet plan requires no effort beyond learning the simple strategies and the rules of how to play the games and have fun playing them. Every moment of the games is designed around the simple fact that you can do this because it is so simple and easy and fun. There isn’t anything about the LOL diet game a child couldn’t learn and do as a game.

If you can learn to play a game the first time, then with every repetition of the game it becomes easier to succeed; and as you become more skilled you can succeed and add more personal details to make it more personal and more fun. You can become a master player of your own game and in doing so become a master of your body.

You can become a master LOL player and in doing so you can become a master of your body, your self, and your life.