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This last week I have been trying to get the outdoors of my house back into a more normal condition. It’s been over two months since the ponderosa tree fell on our house and a week since the last interior work was finished. The house has a new roof. It didn’t make sense to put much effort into cleaning up until everyone had finished their work. It has taken more cleanup outside than I expected because I took that disaster as a warning that other disasters are possible. The local area here in central Oregon is low on overall disaster risk.

Natural disaster risk

Environmental hazards for the United States

This last winter we had a record snowfall and it did create some inconvenience, but having purchased a Subaru Outback with all-wheel drive that wasn’t much of a problem. It was the rare windstorm that took down several of our local trees but on the map above our local area is as good as anywhere in the US. Hurricanes are nonexistent here. We have a slightly elevated wildfire risk and that is why I have been clearing everything even slightly flammable away from our house. There is the unusual problem of volcanoes but we are thirty miles away from any possibility of an eruption so the probable worst case would be an inch of dust and that clears itself up in a couple of months. Earthquakes are almost nonexistent locally and there is the possibility of a huge one off the coast of Oregon, but it is far enough away that there will be very little structural damage here.

A fireworks store in the forest

Fireworks for sale on time for the 4th of July annual wildfire on Pilot Butte

The real problem for our city is the selling of fireworks in the middle of the fire season. Note in the photo above the temporary store in the middle of a forest. Pilot Butte on the right side of the photo is the place from which there is an annual fireworks display set off from the top, and inevitably a wildfire near the top. My house is a few blocks to the left and in a similar forest and my city council person lives a block back in the forest behind the tent. People set off rockets up through the trees. I worry more than others because every city I have ever lived in has had a major city fire. Spokane, Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco have all had fires go out of control. Bend has had evacuations of part of town in the last few years, and the site of my UU church, which is within city limits, has charred trees next to our new building from a fire several years before we bought the forest property.

So much for the worry. Today I upgraded to an iPhone SE with 32 gigs. That ought to be nice.

Once again we lived and lived and nothing happened.