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The usual Saturday morning breakfast is with people who are now becoming long-term friends because I have known them most of the six years I have now lived here in Bend, Oregon. We discussed the coming August 21st eclipse and the problems of being in one of the best places in the world to view totality. Our local weather is usually quite clear that day. The problem is that there are very few highways and roads to handle the large numbers of people expected to come here. It is said that local hundred-dollar motel rooms are now reserved for over a thousand dollars per night. A couple of my friends are avid mountain climbers and are considering going to the top of North Sister at about 10,000-foot level for a good viewing place. It is high enough to see the entire shadow of totality go over the land.

Even though I have more relationship to eclipses than most people I am considering just staying home because there will be too much chaos to cope with. I did see the sun rise totally eclipsed in July of 1945. And our family farm 1948-1990 is directly on the center of path of totality. There is no way to cope with a large number of people being out there in those fields. There is only one two-lane road per mile in the area.

I was given a very sweet little gift this morning. It was a beautifully executed credit card size drawing of a busy beaver working in his Bend garden with snow-capped mountains in the background. It has a caption “ ST.CHARLES ♥’S ME!” at the top. This is kind of an in-joke with my friends calling me Saint Charles because I do little things for them like getting chairs for them to sit in, and I use the mnemonic “saint” because that is the name of our local hospital, which helps people remember my name. It seems like such an irony because I’m obviously no saint and often end up talking about unpleasant subjects.

Among the little successes was more yard work done, and four loads of laundry done in our new washer-dryer; although to speed things up the laundry was only partially dried in the tumble dryer and then hung out on a clothesline. It has been a hot dry day with a slight breeze so that made it possible to do so much laundry in one day. The reason there was so much clothing needing washing was that the Ponderosa tree that fell on our house two months ago punctured one of our clothes closets and dumped  lots of blown insulation inside the closet and on those clothes. We just put all of that stuff into big 42-gallon plastic bags and left it to be dealt with later. Well, today was later. It all went well.

Also, I put in a couple of hours on my Love Our Life – Diet book. I have been doing my new diet plan since December 15th, and have lost 13 pounds. My BMI when I started was about 26.5, and after some research I realized that my ideal BMI is 23.5 plus or minus half a point. So, I am going to lose about four more pounds and then stabilize at that weight and that BMI for several months.

It was a pleasant day of little successes, and we lived and lived and nothing happened.