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I spent a couple of hours around my house today clearing away flammable things. Actually, this is the second round because a week ago we had taken away five 42-gallon plastic bags of yard stuff, along with various things from our catastrophe. Most of that bagged stuff was pine needles, leaves, and wood chips and most of the volume was wood chips that were created by the disaster team’s cleanup of two ponderosa trees that fell in the windstorm of April 7th. The cleanup teams use some chainsaws that don’t leave sawdust, but what could be called saw-chips or saw-slivers because they are much bigger and longer than sawdust.

Because of the fire season, and the idiocy of our local residents on July 4th sending flaming rockets up through our local trees, I decided to do everything I reasonably could to prevent our house from catching fire and burning down. Therefore, I cleaned out things down to bare dirt near our house, and I climbed onto the roof and with a pole saw/clipper cut away all the spruce and ponderosa branches within reach.

A little preparedness may prevent a great disaster.