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Our personal situation is always changing and we are always challenged with how we should adapt. The obvious answer is that we should look to the possibilities that might come our way and prepare for them now, while we have the time, thoughtfulness and resources. What does that mean? In part, it means to be mentally prepared to adapt instantly to any changing situation. But, being human, we have the ability to think about our future situations and thus to position our resources in such a way that no matter which of the reasonable alternatives actually come into existence we can cope well because we have pre-thought about the situation and prepared for its problems and opportunities. If we have sufficient forethought, things that are destructive to most of those around us can benefit us. Great disasters can also be great opportunities if we are prepared to take advantage of them.

Part of future preparation is to have reserves of the necessities of life — food, water, comfortable living quarters — because if we are weak from deprivation we can’t do anything useful. It always helps to have a buffer of money readily available as even in a disastrous situation money will still be valuable. In some situations “cash is king.”

If we are prepared for Black Swan events and have enough slack to cope easily with them we will also have enough surplus to perform some beneficial actions for ourselves and others. When we are properly prepared in mind, body and resources, coping with unusual situations becomes just another activity that is within our routine abilities. To have slack means to avoid being overextended in one’s daily life; it means having enough to cover everything plus some in reserve. Most of the people of our world are in debt to someone like the bank, their employer, their landlord, even for daily routine things.

People must fear change when they lack the resources to even cope with their daily routine.