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The world presently has over a billion overweight people, and the diet industry takes in over a half a trillion dollars per year. If one of those diets really worked well everyone would quickly hear about it and flock to that diet plan. Therefore, none of those current diet plans work, at least they aren’t working for a billion people.

I have been following a diet plan for five months, and I have consistently lost two pounds per month and thus have lost ten pounds. The plan is designed around the idea of being a group of fun games for my mind and body that always leaves my gut feeling happy.

I am working on this new strategy for promoting this diet plan because giving things away doesn’t work. If you can’t sell something for money it isn’t worth anything and people don’t value things that are worthless. Sad. The media don’t promote and sell things that are free, and when they say “free” there is always an offer. The solution to that simple-minded conundrum is to sell my diet plan for money. That way it can be promoted on the media, and thus it can be disseminated worldwide and not be just a few fun and games for my personal friends.

Previously I have been thinking of my target audience as overweight people, but that group isn’t the audience that will get me through to the ultimate audience. It is imperative that the message is disseminated through the mass media if it is going to be seen and heard by billions of people who need to hear the message. Therefore, my primary audience must be those providers of mass media who can reach those billions of overweight people.

These days the most successful promoter of various diets is Oprah on her TV show, and so she is the key person to whom my diet plan must be aimed. I rarely watch Oprah but I do watch Steven Colbert and his show is flagrantly promoting various people and their products, such as new movies, TV shows, Broadway shows and books. I have found that a bit annoying when it isn’t something I’ve been interested in, but now I must pay attention to that aspect of his presentations. Also, I must watch some of Oprah’s shows so I can get a better understanding of what she wants. I need to know what publishers she works with, and thus they to have become a primary audience.

All of this comes back to how I write the book. What the tone is, what the humor is and how the message can be presented so it is accepted. I need a good idea, which I have; a well-written book, which I have started; a great name  – (LOL diet) Love Our Life diet is good; a good iconic logo – I have a background in that kind of thing; and a person to step into the media and represent all these things – I’ve done a little stage work, so that isn’t impossible.

This is an outline strategy for getting the Love Our Life diet rolling.