It is to be expected that everyone will do what they believe is best for themselves. Thus it becomes important to know what people consider to be themselves to understand what they are doing to promote their own well-being. The usual starting point in this process is what is most beneficial to the person’s physical body and their¬†status in relation to the people they consider important.

It is important to know where people’s motivations are coming from because so much of the time they are telling you what to do. We live in a flood of information coming at us from all the media, and it isn’t unreasonable to assume that nearly all of that information is intended to influence us in some way that is beneficial to those paying for the media. That’s okay if what they are telling us is for our benefit, and even if they are only trying to sell us some product that is okay, but this is true only if we need that product and they are giving us a fair transaction.

We are the ones who make these decisions and we make those decisions based on our own thinking about the data input that is coming our way. Thus we must set up good filters to clear out the stuff that isn’t right for us and let the good stuff come through.