One of the biggest problems faced by every human being is what and whom should you believe? Straight away I would claim no one should believe in the impossible. The corollary to that obvious proposition is that no one should believe people who are promoting impossible things. That also seems obvious, although much of society is based on other people believing people who propose and promote obviously impossible things.

The most successful of the promoters of the impossible are promoting things that you want to be true. Thus, those who say it is possible for you to be rich and beautiful and have perfect health and be surrounded by adoring people will claim that their words are true. That is, it is possible, anything is possible, if you believe, well at least if you believe strongly enough and especially if you believe in the right way.

Now, of course, comes the kicker; if you hang on long enough, and do enough click-throughs to get to the secret message, and of course, pay some tiny sum of money, that will open the fabulous door … and if you are in the right club, it will get you into eternal life. Just give the money, and the time, and the special work for the special community. It’s all so easy.

It is probably easy to spot these kinds of frauds. If you feel like someone is playing you for a sucker, they are playing you for a sucker. If you suspect someone is playing you for a sucker, they are probably playing you for a sucker. If someone is giving you something for free and claiming no gain for themselves, you have been hooked.

The best you can hope for and work toward is a mutual gain for both of you.