We are in the final phases of publishing our first volume of our series of books under the title of Clockwork Purple. My part of the text is finished and the paper only needs printing ink and binding.

Clockwork Purple – June 5th, 2017 – 47-minute prompt

The Montauk Book of the Living by Peter Moon

Totally unseen Linda chose page 100 and Joanna chose line 26. It was …

“This expanded consciousness included a heightened perception of the spiritual plane and enabled one to see various realities.”

That prompt brought my thoughts back to me and my thoughts. Do I have any consciousness at all? I often doubt it! I make social blunders that even a dog wouldn’t make. Basically, my problem is it feels like I sit for hours listening other people talking interminably about everything available to randomly assembled words, while I am holding my hand up waiting for the moderator to call on me. During these long waits, nearly every person in the room, even the quiet ones, will have interrupted the flow and spoken up with their comment on whatever drifted into their mind while I continue taking notes and try to remember and analyze the core concepts that make the conversation coherent, meaningful, and most important to me actionable in the real world in some positive way.

I have grown so accustomed to this personal problem that I have learned to sit quietly through the whole of these ramblings and even enjoy listening to the flow of thoughts that everyone else seems to think is solving whatever the problem seems to be wafting through the air at the moment. I doubt that I am alone in these feelings. I sometimes have images pass through my mind of their heightened perceptions intersecting with mine and sometimes that crossing makes a real contribution to my reality. These double crossings seem to make the whole experience worthwhile for both of us.

Often what people are saying about a problem brings to me the feeling that they are biting like a howling dog at a stick that is poking them. They don’t see the hand holding the stick, they don’t see the man behind the hand, they don’t perceive his actions, they don’t perceive his thoughts, his motivations, his experience, his history. None of that comes to the fore in their minds. They only perceive the stick and they respond only to the pain of the point.

Currently the popular method of discussing other people’s reactions to one’s own behavior involves problems encountered when driving. The approach I have begun using is thinking of other drivers as squirrels. Those animals are fun to watch and their motivations are usually clear enough to interpret, but their consciousness is clearly on a different plane from mine, and as they scramble into the heights of the ponderosa trees of their minds they are clearly on a higher plane than anything I can ascend to. Are those people really like that? Are they on a higher plane than I? Are my mind and consciousness wandering into places that are meaningless to them because of their much higher point of view and keen mental awareness and development?

Their minds appear to be focused on their present instant and their real personal problems but mine are more upon the root causes of the present problems. I think about humanity’s problems more than my personal problems. I think about my species and its problems and its survival. My lifetime is limited to a few more years, but our species and its descendants might go on for millions of years, so I have worked for years on things like “The Earth Ark Project,” trying to save my species and many others too. Presently, I am trying to solve a human problem that afflicts over a billion humans, that of unwanted obesity. Obesity is injuring and killing many of them. It’s not my personal problem, it’s our species problem.

That is the way I approach many things. Consequently, when I am in a group and occasionally have the opportunity to speak up it appears to nearly everyone that I am off topic. They are talking about the pain they are feeling, and only occasionally do they rise to discussing much beyond the point of the stick, but when I or anyone tries to go much beyond that immediate point of conversation each member of their audience drifts back into their personal pain but the root causes and the precursors to those causes are ignored.

This expanded consciousness included heightened perceptions of the spiritual plane and enabled some to see various realities, but they evaporated into the void and were lost forever.