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Clockwork Purple is a book of timed essays that tend toward purple prose written by some friends and me. It has been sent to press. We will have a couple of print copies soon for any final touch-ups but everything is on schedule and the ISBN is fixed. Our goal of being in our local bookstore on July 4, 2017 appears to be doable. Hurrah.

This whole thing began as a fun thing to do on Monday mornings that  gradually morphed into a pleasant thing and then into a wonderful play time for some older people, then some considerations of a book, then some thoughts that it would be possible, but it would require organizing and we would need to clean up things, and that sounded like too much work. Real work! Fortunately, we had an organizer who was ready, willing and even eager to do the things necessary to make it happen. Without our champion organizer, Clockwork Purple would exist as nothing more than some hastily written first drafts created for the fun of doing it scattered about on laptops and pieces of paper sinking quickly into oblivion. Thank you!

According to Google there have been about 130 million books ever published and already more than a million this year by June 1st according to World of Meters. Our book took a lot of work, but most of those others probably took a lot more sustained effort than our improv writing demanded. It makes me humble to think on it!

Should it make us individual writers feel elated to be added to that enormous stack of books, or humble, or obscure, or all of the above?