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The five hundred-year-old painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is considered the most intriguing picture in the world. Strangely very few modern people have been close enough to it to get the magic and know it only by reputation. It is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, behind extra heavy bulletproof glass and the crowds in front of it make for difficult viewing. Also, five hundred years of aging and other abuses such as many cleanings and over paintings with varnish have interfered with the magic. I spent an enormous amount of time correcting those problems and you may now see the Mona Lisa smile more nearly as Leonardo did.

To get the effect you must resize the picture to normal head height and get your eyes about a foot away from hers. Look into one eye for a minute and then the other eye for ten seconds, then shift from one eye to the other every ten seconds several times. Notice that she will start looking at you. When this illusion is clearly felt, begin slowly moving your head from side to side looking from one eye to the other.

The strange effect this procedure brings to your mind is that her eyes actually move! It is different from the eyes always seeming to be looking at you because you can actually see her eyes shift. What makes this illusion work is that when you are back several feet she isn’t looking at you but over your right shoulder. But, when you get close that angle of her viewing is still within your face so it seems she is looking at your right eye and then into you. Once your mind becomes convinced she is really looking at you then when you move a little to one side your mind makes her eyes jump to keep them looking at you. That’s the Mona Lisa magic and you can get it by following the procedure I’ve outlined above.

Billions of people have looked at the Mona Lisa but few have actually experienced the magic. Now you can.

The Mona Lisa is looking at your soul if you are up close.

If you look at Mona Lisa in the right way your skin will crawl.