A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Don’t give up your aspirations until your body quits breathing.

Make your key aspiration to perceive reality accurately and adapt to it as quickly as possible.

Avoid pursuing impossible to reach things.

When perseverance will give results persevere, but when it won’t don’t.

The ignorant lack accurate information and persevere, but the stupid persevere even when they know their goal is ridiculous.

Persistent application of our common goal of kindness to one another will bring us all a happier life.

The pursuit of anything gives meaning to one’s life for those moments of perseverance.

Perseverance requires the ability to return again and again to choosing the goal.

If we persevere in a task it becomes our nature to continue doing it, and if we try to do it even better with each effort our skill increases and our work becomes art.

Great people are ordinary people who have decided to do something great.

Set distant goals with lots of tiny rewards built into the trip.

When compelled to do a job, do it well and finish it; half-done jobs tie up your energy.

The nature of games is that you will sometimes lose to pure chance.

If you want to get where you are going you have to keep going.

Being in the right place at the right time with the right stuff brings success, and a big part of the right stuff is perseverance.

Sometimes you need native ability and training and ambition and persistence.

If what you choose to do can be done by you, get busy and do it.