My thoughts on a new diet strategy for humanity are coming along nicely, and the conversations with my friends about it have been very positive and supportive. So, what’s my problem? I was distracted by an observation that the ancient Zeugma mosaic, the Playboy girl of the year 1972, the famous National Geographic refugee girl, and the Mona Lisa all have something ineffable in common. I would post them now, but the only one I have worked up to my satisfaction is the Mona Lisa. That little job took me a month of ten-hour days or more to clean up. I probably have the best Mona Lisa in existence in my living room and I look at her for a few minutes every day. I have inner conversations with her about what I should be doing with my time. These talks are rather similar to my questioning of the garden gnome Samupmsycle. They both have very strange looks when I ask them questions.

I realize this is totally my projected inner thoughts, and their responses are really coming from my mind seeing things that are not in those artworks but in me. All the same, these brief conversations are helpful. It is probably similar to people for thousands of years having conversations with religious icons of various sorts. We are really finding answers from our fog-shrouded inner beings.

For others to have any hope to experience what I am seeing will require many hours of work on each of these images. Just showing them in their current conditions, with their existing imperfections, wouldn’t do them justice. They need to be very clean to see their inner light. It is absurd for me to make the comparison, but I feel it is like Michelangelo seeing the Pieta within a stone and then washing away the obscuring material. The enormous difference is that I am beginning with another person’s conception of an image and then washing it a bit so that it is more clearly revealed.

The cleansing of preexisting ideas is all I do.