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From the book “Human by Day, Zeta by Night”, by Judy Carroll Pg. 101, Line 12

Prompt for 45 minutes of writing – “In fact, when I told him of my fears, he burst out laughing.”

Finally, after a long life of wondering, questioning, testing, complaining and a hundred other quibbling things we humans are plagued with, there He was, standing before me. He had gotten up from his throne to welcome me and was extending his hand in expectation that I would grip it like any well-bred Western man greets another.

“My God!” I gasped in my inmost thoughts, “Is this the fellow everyone has been so freaked out about for thousands of years?” He appears to me to be the most friendly and accepting person I’ve ever met. I told him of my concerns with Heaven sounding boring and eternal Hell being an unfair treatment for a moment’s indiscretion, or perhaps a lifelong belief that three was not one, or vice versa, that one was not three, would send one to eternal Hell. There seemed to be an ever-growing multitude of such double-binds that the various true believers were quibbling over. In fact, when I told him of my fears, he burst out laughing.

“That’s a bunch of nonsense! You got it right. That Jesus fellow was on the right track with his, ‘Do unto others as they should do unto you,’ but the various scribes and translators just couldn’t get with the should and converted that single word should to would and thus destroyed Jesus’s message. Treating others as you would have them treat you locks you into the level of development that you are already in. Whereas, the word should in Jesus’s version of the Golden Rule offers you a way to elevate your habits to a higher level of development. Don’t you think that’s obvious.”

Yes, I got that and was recommending it in modern English words that got to the core of the should idea. As I saw it, ‘One should treat others better than one treats oneself.’ That enables a person to see and reach outside of their present state of being and what things they value and to help another person get to a better developmental place. The advantage to a person of helping another is that they can see another’s needs more objectively and clearly than they could see themselves and by helping that other person they created the habits for helping themselves to a better place.

“You got it. What intrigued me is why even when Jesus stated it so clearly that the people responsible for spreading that simple message garbled it. Actually, by looking into the authorities motivations it was obvious that the purveyors of the message could make more money and gain more power by spreading the simple idea of treating others as you would wish to be treated. It gave the masters more power by locking the average person into their preexisting social caste, and it gave the masters more power and money because the common people thought they needed a conduit to the higher wisdom that they thought they already understood; so the people gave away more power and more money to their authorities. Of course, those who did understand the message of how to improve themselves soon did so but there was no power or money for them to spread the message. So, the money grubbers got all the money, and control, too. Sorry about that. Do you have any idea on how to cope with that problem?”

Of course, I wondered, what I should do now?

In fact, when I told him of my fears, he burst out laughing.