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1:15 PM, 10-minute writing prompt – Dancer

Bali Ram just gave us an introduction to his introduction to dancing.

From his infancy in Kathmandu, Nepal, he was interested in rhythm, and through seemingly magical circumstances he ended up in a dancing school in Manhattan, New York. There he endured endless hours of training in Indian-style dancing, and because he was such a beautiful youth, and such a beautiful dancer, he was linked up with Miss India to go on a promotional tour. That turned out to be so popular that they toured together for several years around the United States and the rest of the world.

That was back in the 1960s, and it is now 2017 and Bali Ram and I are now 82-year-old kids living in Bend, Oregon. Both of us are remarkably youthful looking for our recently acquired geriatric status. He is three months older than I am so I must give him his due as my elder, and listen respectfully as he tells his magnificent stories. Occasionally, he lets me squeeze in a sentence, sometimes two, about the famous people I have met and the astonishing things I have done. But it always seems so pathetic compared to his stories

However, I am presently writing a book which will be a best seller. And I will be famous for saving billions of people’s lives. He can’t say that. At least not yet.

Bali Ram was with us as we wrote our short stories and he said he really liked this piece about us.